Prescott AZ Things-to-do

Things-to-do in Prescott AZ

Nestled comfortably and strategically in the rolling Arizona Mountains, just around 2 hours north of Phoenix, is the historic town of Prescott AZ. Prescott used to be the Territorial Capitol of Arizona. Our hometown has managed to nurture and preserve its historical roots, and thanks to its mile-high elevation, Prescott remains cool during the summer season as compared to Arizona’s desert region.  
The historic and charming town of Prescott is a beauty to behold. During the months of summer, along Main Street, sunlight filters through the lush trees and on the grounds of the log cabin mansion and an office of the first Territorial governor which are part of the 3 and a half acre of the compound of Sharlot Hall Museum. The city historic buildings, museums, and homes give you feeling and opportunity to travel back in time.  

Downtown Prescott Arizona

Prescott is a city in central Arizona. Downtown, historic Whiskey Row is known for its bars and live music venues. The Sharlot Hall Museum documents the region’s pioneer-era history. The Smoki Museum exhibits artifacts from indigenous peoples of the Southwest. To the northeast, Watson Lake is home to hundreds of bird species, and a circuit of trails runs among the granite boulders dotting its shore.  

The town of Prescott is an epitome of what an American storybook hometown should look, and is also the best-preserved town in Arizona with over 500 buildings on the National Register of Historic Buildings. In fact, the Palace Saloon located on Whiskey Row claims that it used to serve Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday.

The landscape and history of the Southwest live on in both old and modern techniques of capturing or representing this visually stunning terrain and culture. You’ll often find live music in Downtown Prescott and there a several performance art theaters where you can see both community and professional plays performed in a historical theater that’s over a century old. 

Sharlot Hall Museum

Sharlot Hall was a frontier poet who was appointed territorial historian in 1909, making her the first female public official in Arizona Territory. She founded the museum in 1928.

The museum is a pioneer village centering on the original Governor's Mansion, built in 1864. Buildings open to visitors also include the Fremont House, the relocated home of fifth territorial governor John Charles Fremont, and the Ranch House and School House, replicas that give tourists a feel for the tight quarters shared by Arizona's pioneers.

The Sharlot Hall Building houses exhibits on mining, ranching, and firefighting during territorial days, as well as a cultural history of the Yavapai Prescott Indian Tribe.

In addition to art, music, and performance, there are several staple events that take place every year that Prescott is known for such as Frontier Days featuring the World’s Oldest Rodeo. So don’t forget to also check out our calendar to see what special events are going on in town while you’re here. You’ll never run out of things to do in Prescott.

Lynx Lake

Lynx Lake offers excellent boating and fishing. The Northshore access area has a restaurant, boat rentals, picnic tables, and grills. The Southshore access point has a boat ramp, picnic tables, grills, and restrooms. The 2-mile Lakeshore Trail is an easy walk for just about anyone. About half of it is asphalt, making it suitable for strollers and wheelchairs, but there are a few hilly bits. Nearby are hiking trails, the Lynx Creek Ruin archaeological site, and the Salida Gulch trailhead and gold-panning area.

Hilltop and Lynx campgrounds are adjacent to the lake. Both are first come, first served. Rainbow trout are stocked; the lake also contains largemouth bass and crappie. Only boats with electric motors are allowed.

Prescott Whiskey Row

All the old watering holes on Whiskey Row remain alive with their stories of the bygone years. While some stories were true, there are some that are a bit exaggerated. But, whatever it is, strolling around the place will give you a glimpse of what life used to be in the place, with the ghosts of the past lingering here and there.

There is more to see and enjoy in Prescott AZ, and one thing is for sure, traveling here is like going into a time machine that brings you back to those good old days of years ago.

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